Marli Davis is a multicultural, interdisciplinary artist based in Toronto/Tkaronto. Her research-intensive work derives inspiration from the exploratory coalescence of Art, Science and Spirituality. Establishing a practice within this convergence of ideologies provides Marli with the necessary outlets to execute intimate investigations throughout her work. Seeking topics that introspectively challenge the self; many dealing with the mapping of diaspora and her fragmented cultural discourse. The artist begins to embody the examiner’s role; addressing and systematizing bodily notions through video, painting, sculpture, installation and publication. Marli is captivated by heritage, ancestry, the body, culture, death, birth, ritual, science, and the machine.

In 2019, Marli studied abroad in Florence Italy and has obtained various awards and scholarships throughout her education. In 2021, she received a BFA from OCAD University; emerging with a dedicated passion for academia. Marli is currently partaking in selected art exhibitions, residencies and forum events. While learning within the art industry through different mentorship, intern, freelance and employment experiences. Outside of the studio, Marli can be found practicing osteological and entomological preservation, using her sewing machine, reading sci-fi, poetry and academic journals, excavating archives or conducting cross-cultural field research.

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